What is LearnStreet?

LearnStreet is a website where you can learn programming. We offer free online interactive courses on Python, Ruby and JavaScript where you learn by actually writing code in interactive tutorials and projects.

Who is LearnStreet for?

LearnStreet is for people who want to learn a programming language and gain important skills to become more employable or build their own app. Our courses teach the basics of the language where people will learn about fundamental programming concepts like variables, basic data types, functions, conditions, loops, objects, classes and more. Our Code Garage contains in-browser programming projects where people can practice their coding skills.

What is LearnStreet’s Teaching Philosophy?

LearnStreet believes that the best way to learn coding is by actually writing code. We recommend starting with one of our free courses to learn the basics of the programming language, then trying your newly acquired skill s at Code Garage projects where you have to apply what you've learned to make games, tools, and more. Our courses and projects all require you to continually write code as you progress, allowing you to practice while you learn.

How Long does it take to Complete a LearnStreet Course?

On average a course will take anywhere from 3-5 days to complete.

How Do I Restart a Course?

We are working on a feature to let you do this, but for now you will have to create a new account with a different email address in order to restart a course from the beginning.

How is LearnStreet different from other learn to code sites?

1. Multi-modal: Our courses are designed for beginners - we have multiple ways to help you learn, including chat/email support, Twitter, hints and background material. Get started on our Courses.
2. Code Garage Projects: After completing a course or if you already know how to code, check out Code Garage where you can apply your programming skills to build cool coding projects like building a Mastermind game or a Sudoku Solver. Get started on Code Garage Projects.
3. User Interface/User Experience: A key aspect of LearnStreet’s courses and projects is its distinct UI/UX. In order to see this, simply sign up!